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"YSHHB Secondary school is a School with Global Vision aiming to be an excellent and premier Secondary Education Institution in Brunei Darussalam. We are committed to provide opportunities to all students to enjoy an excellent education.

Under the new management since March 2012, we have kept up our effort to continuously strengthen the school performance in all aspects. The literacy and numeracy programme were reviewed and improved. We introduced and implemented a more intensive intervention programme in the afternoon and on Fridays as our effort to further boost the students’ academic performance."

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Attending YSHHB had provided the best experience for my high school life. I had the chance to be involved in many school activities, making me a more confident person. I've only been in Yayasan for 2 amazing years but the friends I’ve made are the ones I will remember and cherish the most. Of course, the teachers had helped me a lot. Without them, I won’t be standing where I am right now. To conclude, the time that I’ve spent in Yayasan is one that I will never forget and I wish all the best for Yayasan in producing more excellent and bright students.


Nur Syasya Imanina Binti Haji Abu Bakar
Alumni of Year 11 Normal Science 1
Laksamana college of business



Yayasan is not only a place of studying; it's a place of positivity, enthusiasm, guidance and opportunities that I thought I'd never have a chance to be involved in. Yayasan is unique. It doesn’t just teach me to learn; I was mentally and physically trained before stepping outside to play this challenging game called life. If I were to give a sentence to anyone about my life in Yayasan,

"I wish I had more.."

Dk Nur Anati Pg Hj Abd Wahab
Alumni of Year 11 Normal Science 1
Martin College, Melbourne Australia



Yayasan SHHB is more than a school where you pursue your studies in order to successfully step into the next level of life . Although l have only been a Yayasan student for 4 years the school has taught me a lot. Not only in terms of my education but also in giving back to the others and providing me the courage to face my fears. Despite moving onwards in life, l have not really moved on from Yayasan because l missed everything about it; the ambiance, the teachers and my friends. I would like to thank everyone in Yayasan for making my years studying there a memorable one.

Wafa Hamizah Bte Mohamad

Alumni of Year 11 Normal Science 1

Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al Muhtadee Billah






It has been a pleasure attending Yayasan Secondary School. Facilities and equipments were in very excellent. Teachers will do whatever it takes to never see you again and that means they want you to succeed and move on more than anything. Teachers were also very helpful, nice and lenient to the students as if they were your friends. If you are respectful to them, they will reciprocate. I also loved how social the school was. Everybody knew each other. You could never be anti-social in a school like Yayasan. The school doesn’t just teach. It provides plenty of activities for the students to interact with each other. The school also has activities which allow students to think and work, both independently and as a group. This had helped built our leadership and decision-making skills, being organised, creativity and establish stronger bond between the students. For me, Yayasan was worth every second of every minute.



Muhd. Afiq Mutaz Mutawalli Bin Rusli,

Alumni of Year 11 Normal Science 1
International Graduate Studies College


When I first moved to Yayasan, I thought I would not fit in because it felt alien to me. The school was far different from any other schools that I've been to. However, as years developed I felt more welcomed and the school became my second home and the teachers and friends that I've made were like family because of the small number of student body. It was easy co-operate with one another, the school has brought out the skills in me that I've never thought possess. Confident. Selflessness. Intelligent. Independent. And best of all, the motivation to strive for excellence. The prestigious school itself produces highly intellectual students that will ensure students are well prepared for examination, further education and work. Yayasan is such a big part of my life, it’s memorable. All the memories that I've created here I will surely cherish it. Despite the struggles with examinations there are things that are worth remembering and that is the friendships that we, the graduates of Yayasan, have matured and blossomed. It’ll be part of our lives until the end.


Siti 'Aliyah Binti Haji Harith,

Alumni of Year 11 Normal Science 1,

Pusat Tingkatan Enam Sengkurong


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Fun Learning Experience
Our occassional Friday classes provide fun learning experience in core subjects towards greater achievement at O Level. Upper secondary afternoon lessons serve as tutorial session for students to gain deeper understanding.

Reading Programme

Promoting Literacy
Held annually for Year 7 students, this workshop emphasises the importance of reading in our students learning process. With programmes such as implementation of Reading Policy and the use of Reading Diary, our students are well prepared for their years ahead.

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