Registration Procedures

  1. Registration forms are available from the Yayasan Secondary school office or from the Main Office, Secondary unit. Registrations submitted does not guarantee placement and would be subject to conditions.
  2. Registration is open throughout the school academic year.
  3. Applicants need to be in good medical condition.
  4. School fees can be paid either Termly or Monthly:
    1. School fees paid on a monthly basis, must be paid on the first 5 days of every month.
    2. Fees that are paid on a school term basis must be paid within the 1st two weeks of each school term.
    3. Parents/ guardians must contact school authorities if they have failed to pay the school fees on the set conditions. Parents/guardians will be contacted in failure to do so.
  5. School fees need to paid even though students have been absent for a long period of time without reason. Students would be taken off the school’s student data in failure to do so.
    1. Parents/guardians need to contact school authorities in any case that their child is unable to be present at school. Students would be taken off the school’s student data in failure to do so.
  6. School fees paid are non refundable in the case that the student will not be continuing his or her school term at Yayasan Secondary School.
  7. In the event that the applicant registers in the middle of the month, the full payment for that month would be imposed.
  8. School authorities have the right to keep each student’s academic record if school fees have not been settled.
  9. School deposit is refundable if the student has decided not to continue his or her school term with the condition that a letter has been sent one month prior to the date of leaving and would also need to produce a legitimate receipt.
  10. Registration fee need to be paid upon completion of registration forms and this is non–refundable without exception.

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